Yesterday visited the travel convention @ Impact ....

This year there were quite fews options to choose.

After walked around for 2 hours, finally decided to visit Pranburi.

The resort we gonna stay is a very, very new resort named "Alibaba" --

the decoration is quite cute!

Hopefully the place is as nice as in the pictures -- ha ha :P

if anyone want to see...

here is the website ja~







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#3 by HansenBrigitte20 ( At 2011-11-29 11:56,
ฮันนีมูนรอบที่เท่าไหร่เอ่ย น่าอิจฉาจริงจริ๊งง อยากเที่ยวมั่งจังค่า ชื่อรีสอร์ทแขกมากเลยคิๆ
#2 by aMy At 2009-06-19 08:26,
โอ๊ะ น่าอิจฉาคนไปเที่ยว cry
#1 by bakabo ลั๊ลล๊า~ At 2009-06-05 08:45,